Why I Write

As a writer and avid reader of literature, I get asked a lot why I write. It's a simple question, but answering it is not as small a matter - simply because I am a writer, and I can't just slap a label on things.

I write because I can't not write. I was created with a desire to create, and though that comes out in many aspects, through designing, drawing, or styling, it comes out first and foremost through the construction of the English language.

I write fiction. I write it because I see the world around me and I know there is more to it that just what we see. I write the world as I know it could be, not simply as it is, or might be.  Yet though I find great joy in crafting the fantastical and the surreal, I also believe that stories must be truthful to have effect, and that Truth itself is the highest cause for which we live. Where these two meet, in a beautiful marriage of imagination and creativity to the eternal ideas that are are the root of every good and real thing, there I find the purpose of my craft lies.

Achieving that is, of course, another hurdle, but that is the goal - and that's what I write to achieve. 

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